4G is short for fourth-generation wireless and provides a superfast, high capacity network giving access to realistic speeds of up to 60Mb/Second on an all-IP packet switched network.

4G was made to replace 3G and it offers a connection that is more reliable and delivers much higher speeds. Specifically, 4G LTE means “fourth-generation long term evolution,” with LTE being a type of 4G that delivers the fastest connection for a mobile internet experience – around six times faster on average than 3G.

As with most things technical there are a number of standards and technologies involved that we aren't going to go into here. Suffice to say that we offer cost effective and robust 4G solutions for mobiles and wireless networks.

How does 4G compare to 2G and 3G?

  • The 2G network allowed us to make a phone call or send a text
  • 3G was about getting the internet on your phone
  • 4G is about watching, playing, streaming and browsing more...

Benefitting from higher bandwidth (data speeds), 4G LTE provides true broadband speeds in comparison to 3G meaning more of your favourite stuff, straight to your phone, tablet or laptop.

what is a 4G wireless network
Fourth generation wireless system is a packet switched wireless system with wide area coverage and high throughput.

Highly flexible, 4G networks offer a wide range of services to the end user, often providing office connectivity where there are no other alternatives.


“Link Solutions have hosted our Gmail accounts for some time now with no issues, its great knowing they are on hand to help if we need them…”

Richard Moore
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