ad-hoc support

Only want one or two services and do not want a contract?
No problem.  If you are a sole trader or an office with a couple of computers and a printer you may not need a support agreement and many of our telecoms, cloud and IT support services are available through an on-demand Pay-As-You-Go Support basis.

Ad hoc support is the ideal service to use when it is just a small operation and you have exhausted your brain and resources on how to solve your telecoms / IT / Cloud problem for free. When your hardware or software breaks or functions abnormally that is when you are going to call us for help.

You simply pay for our support when you use it.

Our cost-effective ad-hoc telecoms, cloud and IT support service is perfect for

  • small businesses that only have occasional needs
  • organisations whose internal support occasionally requires technical telecoms, cloud or IT support
  • businesses that are working within budgetary constraints

Call on us when you face a challenge that's just a bridge too far and the cost of your time to fix the issue outweighs the cost for us to do it for you.

We will always help if we can


How to use our Ad-Hoc support cover

All support requests should be submitted in the first instance by;


01603 964288

Please ensure you include as much information as possible including company name, contact name, contact number and detailed explanation of the changes needed or the fault issue.

We will raise a ticket.  Please note that without a current maintenance contract we cannot guarantee to offer immediate support for these tasks over the phone, only raise a ticket.  However we will always react as quickly as possible to all requests.

Wherever possible we will provide a cost estimate for any hardware, software or engineering time before the work commences, however this is not always possible and failure to do so cannot be used as a basis to refuse payment.

Where on-site work is needed this will be scheduled 
on a best-effort basis and to minimise disruption to your work environment.

Call-outs are chargeable at our standard rates, POA.

Cost of any equipment required will require your confirmation of acceptance before installation

No support is offered out-of-hours unless by prior agreement by email.


“Thanks, great service as usual”.

Yvonne Astley
Astley & Co

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