We are Government registered for the Broadband Voucher Scheme


What is it?
In March 2018 the Government announced their £67m Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, which is part of their countrywide broadband strategy, helps to provide the basis for future infrastructure upgrades and enable businesses to grow.

It is a dealer led scheme that can be used to contribute to the installation cost of a newly installed Fibre Ethernet or wireless gigabit capable connection that delivers a minimum of 100Mbit/s on a circuit capable of delivering 1Gbps, up or down.

Small businesses and the local home-owners in their community can get together and combine their vouchers to subsidise the cost of bringing the service to their area.
Eligible businesses can claim up to £3,000 and residents can claim up to £500 when part of a group project.

As a registered Government supplier we can manage your voucher application and arrange the services for you
As you can appreciate, many of the hundreds of clients that we already deal with are asking to manage We are processing all the vouchers applications that we are receiving as quickly as we can to make sure that no eligible business misses out.

The chart below shows the step-by-step process that each voucher recipient will go through to activate their voucher:

Is there a limited time to apply?
The last time a similar Government grant was offered the pot ran out 5 months before the anticipated close date so we encourage anyone who may be interested to register as soon as possible.

We suggest that you let us secure your voucher for you and then look at the options, on the basis that when it's gone, it's too late.

Why the urgency?
In 2025 standard analogue PSTN phone lines and ISDN digital phone lines will be ceased.
This also means that ADSL and FTTC Fibre broadband connections will also cease, since they require an analogue phone line to work.

Full fibre networks are the future and getting ready for a gigabit speed is a key step for most businesses as they plan for growth and develop their digital marketing strategies, so we all need to help to put them in place.

But I'm in a contract already
There are limited voucher funds available and new services have a lead time of 90 days and can take longer depending on the work required. In some cases we are able to delay installation of a new service to coincide with an existing contract end date.

To discuss your individual circumstances, click on the calendar to contact us and see how we can help.

What will it do for me?
Demand for greater and greater digital connectivity is set to accelerate in future years and full fibre connections will be able to support that demand including;

  • online business applications
  • internet connected devices
  • cloud data storage & back-up solutions
  • cyber security systems
  • streamed services such as video and music
  • voice and video conferencing
  • flexible working for home-workers / teleworkers

So what should I do now?
Check out the T&Cs for the Gigabit Connection Voucher here and click on the picture link below which will take you to a secure area of our site and fill in the short form to let us know who you are and we will contact you to run through the simple process of applying for your voucher.

We'll need a few details from you to check your eligibility and to be able to make your application for you, but we do all the heavy lifting.

Then we find out what options are available to you so you have choices to consider.

Once we have confirmation that your application for the voucher has been successful, we'll let you know and then you can decide if it's something you want to go ahead with, knowing that you can if you want to.



We were using an NEC phone system using ISDN and moved to hosted VoIP through Link Solutions. We have cut our monthly bill by half and extremely happy with the service.

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