business solution options

We also provide an increasing range of business options that add value to our services.

We have partnered with Academy Leasing to provide an attractive method of financing capital purchases.

Our flexible low cost finance option offers a more flexible and affordable solution that outright purchase.

Any amount from  £1000 to £250,000 can usually be borrowed over 2-7 years without the need for further securities and the application process is quick and simple.

Agreements can be settled early and all payments made are completely tax deductible.

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disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery promises a full and total recovery of data, but does not always include guarantees of how long that recovery will take. However, with the cloud, you know all the data is there and will come back as fast as your connections allows – even to a different location.

On-premises backup, either tape or disk, takes a lot of planning, manual intervention, management and troubleshooting. Our Cloud solution essentially removes all that complexity and takes the guesswork out of protecting your data.

Read more about our Disaster Recovery services here

Business security comes in many forms from the physical presence and hacking to media hijacking and malware.

Our services include:

  • anti-virus and malware protection
  • data security
  • system and server security
  • phone and toll fraud
  • CCTV protection

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“Link Solutions have hosted our Gmail accounts for some time now with no issues, its great knowing they are on hand to help if we need them…”

Richard Moore
Agile Property Partners

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