CCTV isn’t simply a tool for deterring criminals or catching thieves. There are as many solutions as there are reasons for having it. We use some of the best available cutting-edge equipment and technology to make sure that our solutions do what you need them to do, without any dramas.

Of course, they can deter opportunist break-ins and avoid all the grief and inevitable business disruption that follows. And it’s true that theft on your premises can present a very real and costly problem, both in terms of the value of goods stolen and the management costs investigating the theft. Our CCTV solutions can;

  • vastly reduce the chances of theft occurring
  • increases the likelihood of finding the culprit
  • reduce time spent on investigating

But they can also form part of your company approach to Health & Safety, because monitoring;

  • encourages staff members to always follow best practices
  • reduces the risk of injury and accidents
  • helps to ensure the safety of staff members working in remote areas (Lone Workers) by ensuring help is on hand should an incident occur

They can even reduce your Company Insurance because many insurance companies offer discounted premiums where suitable CCTV is installed. Of course, secure remote monitoring of our CCTV solutions is available on mobile devices, tablets and remote PC’s, putting you in control wherever you are and enabling quick decisions to be made. We install, support and maintain a range of market-leading surveillance solutions which are;

  • flexible and tailored to meet your needs
  • high quality
  • affordable analogue and IP cameras
  • easy to use
  • installed and configured by us to absolutely match your requirements, whatever they may be

Once your solution has been installed, you can add more cameras with almost no additional hardware or increased bandwidth at any point later on. No matter what the reason, we take the time to;

  • understand the surroundings you operate in
  • appreciate the challenges that may arise
  • achieve the coverage you want to have and advise you on the best solutions for your business, regardless of the nature or size of your organisation

Our solutions, which all provide high quality images, range from robust outdoor cameras to highly discreet, indoor and outdoor unobtrusive cameras for sensitive environments Our Door Entry Solutions add to the security of your building and your equipment and the safety of your staff. They can be stand-alone push button units or locks controlled by your phone solution, another example of how telecoms converges with both IT and security.

There is a solution The trick is to pick the right one to match your budget and purpose whilst minimising compromise. So whatever your need, get in touch and we’ll offer some free and impartial advice.


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