Your Cloud - the place where your team share their ideas, where they conference and communicate in a multitude of ways across different platforms to reach a common goal.

Where they can all collaborate on large projects, or share and work on individual files at the same time.

Carry out tasks, share calendars, work together as a team.

It’s what we do every day.

In the simplest terms, cloud computing means;
storing and accessing data and applications over the Internet instead of on your computer or local network server;

We live and breathe the Cloud and here's why;

  • no more need for expensive “single point of failure” servers
  • Cloud services can be scaled to meet any need and then grow as you grow
  • your team can work on live data together so they instantly see the changes made by others
  • files can be stored more safely and securely than is possible in any office
  • files can be made available to any authorised user anytime, anywhere
  • email, messaging, video can all be accessed anytime, anywhere

The Cloud never sleeps

  • disaster recovery is simpler, cheaper, and faster
  • home-workers can be in the office when they’re at home
  • road warriors need never feel isolated again
  • field sales and support staff can be more effective and productive
  • phone systems are no longer tied to the office
  • mobiles and tablets can access the information they need when they need it

It’s cheaper

  • making calls over the Internet (VoIP) is cheaper – or free
  • 24/7/365 access to email means you’ll never miss another opportunity
  • data is backed up as it’s changed, so no more need for expensive backup solutions
  • no more expensive hardware and infrastructure to facilitate growth. The Cloud is… big!

More flexible

  • with web sites, social media and a zillion ways to make contact and keep in touch, your business can put itself
    in front of the right people, who could be anywhere and everywhere
  • the Cloud isn’t limited by geographical borders, it doesn’t take holidays, it doesn’t get sick and it doesn’t punch
    a time card so it’s always available whenever you and your staff need it

Can we talk about it?

We'd love to sit down over a coffee and chat about how our solutions could bring;

  • file safety and security
  • staff flexibility and operational benefits
  • and potentially big savings
  • to you and your business

    When's good for you?


“Thanks, great service as usual”.

Yvonne Astley
Astley & Co

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