fixed ip addressing

why use a static IP address

We only provide broadband solutions with fixed IP addresses.

An IP address - Internet Protocol address - is a number assigned that uniquely identifies your router when it goes online. It works similarly to a building address or a phone number, both of which are unique, so that when you use the internet, the network uses your IP address so it knows where to send data to.

The alternative is a Dynamic IP Address, meaning that it changes every time you connect to the Internet.

So, why get a static IP?
A static IP has some serious advantages, especially for business users:
Access your PC from anywhere
A static IP makes it easier for you to remotely access your computer, so you can get hold of files, use programs, adjust your settings, and so on.
Run a server
Any kind of server needs a static IP, not just one that hosts a website
Want CCTV for your business? You'll need a static IP for that too
TO use VoIP calls
VoIP is much more reliable when your IP is static. Read more about VoIP here
Enjoy less downtime
Whenever a dynamic IP refreshes, you run the risk of downtime. It's usually for a very short time, but if you're relying on a stable connection it can be havoc all the same.



“Link Solutions have hosted our Gmail accounts for some time now with no issues, its great knowing they are on hand to help if we need them…”

Richard Moore
Agile Property Partners

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