Flexible Maintenance Agreement

build your own support contract

When it comes to IT, Cloud and Telecoms support and maintenance solutions we've broken the industry “standard” mould and created the Flexible Maintenance Agreement.

If it’s true that no two businesses are the same then it follows that their support needs are probably different too.

So why is it that the options offered by most support providers are so restrictive, so inflexible?

We believe that every business should be able to tailor their support and maintenance agreement to meet their specific needs. Protecting what’s important to them and only paying for what they have chosen. Not what somebody else thinks they should have.


How does it work?

It's easy... you start with our Core Module and craft your bespoke Flexible Maintenance Agreement by choosing which of the optional modules you need to provide the level of support that you want.

The Core Module is required, so it's the only mandatory module.

It's the glue that holds it all together and it provides access to the optional modules which, when combined, offer the whole range of support services we provide across all of our product and service platforms.

It provides...

  • direct access to our support ticketing system
  • unlimited email support
  • unlimited text support
  • unlimited telephone support
  • unlimited remote support to pre-specified equipment
  • access to our on-site support
  • 33% discount off our standard labour / call-out rates
  • 10% reduction off all new equipment
  • free warranty support
  • extended office hours over non-contracted clients
  • priority response over non-contracted clients
  • priority response to Major Faults

Then simply add the optional module(s) that you need to create the support package that’s right for you and your business:

The simple form that we ask you to complete gives you details of the cover offered by each module and we are always available to talk it through and answer any questions you may have over a coffee or on the phone. As you make your choices it keeps a running total of the monthly cost, so you can see exactly what the monthly / annual cost will be before you return it to us, putting you in control of cost and budget.

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Your business is unique - we get that - so lets work together and keep it that way.

Call us today and have a chat about the difference that our flexible approach to support could make to your business and your bottom line.


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Yvonne Astley
Astley & Co

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