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  • Are you completely fed up with chronic computer problems?
  • Do your escalating IT costs concern you?
  • Do you worry that your backups and IT security are lacking?
  • Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your current IT guy doesn't have a handle on things?
  • Are you losing productivity because of too much downtime?

Today, for hundreds of businesses in Norwich and across Norfolk we are their IT department and to many others we are an extension of their own IT team.

And everyday our teams go the extra mile to keep our customers running at full speed;

IT services

...our Remote Management team monitor their telephone lines, broadband services and office networks; manage their servers, workstations and laptops; ensure that essential office software is updated and verify their anti-virus, malware and spam protection

...our Cloud Services are backing up millions of our client’s essential files so they never lose them, connecting every member of every team so they can share and collaborate and making sure every single email gets to its destination

...our Internet Services are hosting over 500 local business websites and making sure every single website is live and safe, that every URL is SSL secured and that every domain is renewed on time

...our Remote Support team is resolving over 85% of cries for help in 20 minutes or less

...our Field Support team performs miracles in our client's eyes

...our Sales team is offering best advice and guidance on purchases and solutions

...and our Sales Support team is reviewing our client's accounts to improve their TCO

IT Services

And then there's our shiny new maintenance agreement... it's scalable and flexible so it grows and adapts with you, meaning that you no longer have to pay for cover you don’t want or need!

Our innovative Flexible Maintenance Agreement really does break new ground by letting you create your own support package, the way you want it, then letting you choose how long you want it for.
We even reward your trust and loyalty by giving a discount. And you choose how much.

Starting with our Core Module you tailor your agreement to your specific requirements by selecting the Optional Modules that will provide you with exactly the level of support that you want for your business, then choose how long you want it for. Simple.

Our IT guys love what they do

And you will too.



We hope we've made you and your accountant curious enough to want to see what impact we could have on your business.

Why not invite us over for a coffee and find out.


“Thanks, great service as usual”.

Yvonne Astley
Astley & Co

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