There’s no better time to borrow money than when it’s cheap and at a fixed rate so payments don’t increase your accounts team are going to love our Lease Rental solution.

Not only do you get tax relief on all payments made, in the month that you make them, but you get to keep the kit at the end for a tiny final payment.

Available for any amount over £1000 over any period between 12 and 72 months, leasing provides an alternative to impacting on your bank credit line or eating into your capital. And if you win the lottery you can settle up early.

They are flexible enough to cover almost any equipment so as long as you’re buying something from us, now is the right time to upgrade that old copier or get the new office thingy you’ve been thinking about and wrap it up in one manageable monthly Direct Debit payment.

In keeping with our Company policy of transparency we make sure you have all the facts so you can make an informed decision, pretty much the same as everything else we do.

Why not ask us about Leasing when you contact us for your new phone system, IT upgrade, CCTV installation?


“Link Solutions manage our email and internet systems, servers, cloud storage, internet security and backup. Our arrangement with them covers all computers, laptops and email infrastructure. We have an agreement which provides a fast response to all problems and issues. Having Link Solutions working with BML provides an insurance and assurance for our business”.

Ray Gollop
Burwell Maintenance Ltd

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