There’s no better time to borrow money than when it’s cheap and at a fixed rate, so your accounts team are going to love our Lease Rental solution.

If you are looking to invest in new equipment for your company, from IT and Telecoms to essential service upgrades, leasing can often be a more flexible and affordable solution than purchasing because not only do you get tax relief on all payments made, in the month that you make them, but you get to keep the kit at the end for a tiny final payment.

Due to our flexible finance packages, we can provide funding for new-start businesses, sole traders, limited companies and schools.

We've partnered with Academy Leasing to offer a more flexible and affordable solution than outright purchase.

30 years in the business, they had an acceptance rate of 87% last year with no preferred assets or markets.

And they're FAST, offering same day turnaround on 95% of all proposals and fast delivery times on the finance via BACS or CHAPS.

We can arrange a facility for up to 7-year terms on new equipment and systems, including voice recording.  As we understand how quickly technology changes, we can fund telephone system upgrades before they come to the end of the term, giving you the very latest equipment and technology while saving you money.

10 reasons why we chose to partner with Academy Leasing

  • Experience
    With almost 30 years of experience they’ve grown to become one of the UK’s leading providers equipment finance
  • Quick Decisions
    They can make decisions FAST because they don’t have to rely on third party decision makers
  • Hassle-free
    They supply the finance without making you jump through all the usual hoops
  • Flexible
    Academy offer a wide range of tried and tested funding options and terms from £1,000 to £250,000 plus
  • Friendly
    Compared to the big corporate finance suppliers, they’re a small friendly team so you’ll speak to the person who has dealt with your requirements from day one, not an anonymous voice in a call centre
  • High Acceptance Rates
    87% of applications accepted last year
  • Financially Robust
    As well as being very well connected with external funding sources, they also have access to our own funds and a strong balance sheet, so we are all in very safe hands
  • Straight-talking
    They share our approach and ditch the financial jargon, tell it like it is and aim to make the application process – and your life – as stress-free as possible
  • Happy Customers
    The high number of repeat clients (75%) that they get, speaks for itself
  • Financial Conduct Authority Authorised

    Like us, they believe very firmly in the values of honesty, transparency and integrity and welcomed the introduction of FCA regulation for our industry

Leasing is ideal for equipment which primarily increases revenue or reduces costs, meaning an immediate return on investment (ROI), and provides an alternative to impacting on your bank credit line or eating into your capital.

And of course you can always settle up early.

In keeping with our Company policy of transparency, we make sure you have all the facts so you can make an informed decision, pretty much the same as everything else we do.

We have some great plans for

  • New Start-Ups
  • Young Companies
  • SMEs

All with easy budget solutions

  • fixed term
  • fixed payment
  • title ownership

Available for;

  • any amount over £1000
  • any period between 12 and 72 months

Our leasing solutions are flexible enough to cover almost any equipment so as long as you’re buying something from us, so now is the right time to upgrade that old copier or get the new office thingy you’ve been thinking about and wrap it all up in one manageable monthly Direct Debit payment.

What is the process of acquiring leasing?

Step 1 - We finalise the order specification with you and then introduce you to Academy Leasing as our preferred source of finance.

Step 2 - Academy provide an immediate reply to you with what, (if any) information is needed to underwrite the deal.

Step 3 - Once the information is received, Academy Leasing performs the underwrite.

Step 4 - Once approved, Academy send you the paperwork to check, sign and return.

Step 5 - Academy co-ordinates with us to arrange delivery and installation of the equipment.

Step 6 - We deliver the kit and the contract then begins between Academy Leasing and you.

Lets have a chat over a coffee about how our Phone, IT, Cloud or CCTV solutions could work for you and we'll show you a better way to pay.


We were using an NEC phone system using ISDN and moved to hosted VoIP through Link Solutions. We have cut our monthly bill by half and extremely happy with the service.

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