Make your free Public Wi-Fi profitable

How can providing a FREE service make money?
Your “free” Wi-Fi can quickly become a vehicle for generating additional revenue in many different ways but potential and existing providers often overlook how offering free Wi-Fi can increase their profit, as they can’t see an immediate new sales stream so lets consider a few ideas…

Targeted Marketing
People are using their mobile devices wherever they go, and for you, it’s important that they’re engaging with your brand, rather than competitor businesses.   Armed with the right data which could include age, gender etc, our clients can offer customers personalised real-time communications which could include the latest offers, one-off deals, new promotions – right on their phone – maybe as part of a target promotion or perhaps as they pass close by.

With WiFi marketing software you can send communications in real-time to visitors in your venue; taking immediate action on the data collected via our captive portal.
Customers expect a personalized experience. Use the data captured to tailor your customer engagement based on detailed customer demographics and behaviour; proven to increase conversion rates and drive customer spend.

Not only does this enhance their customer experience but it also drives sales opportunities up, and lets face it, whilst some of us “miss” phone calls, we all check our texts…

Our solutions can enable our clients to offer safe, free Wi-Fi to their customers using social media logins, so that they can tailor marketing campaigns to known demographics. Your Facebook customers can “like” your page and generate interest and multiply your word-of-mouth advertising.

Proximity Marketing
Customers can be informed and supported within a venue like a shopping centre or a station to

  • find an item
  • identify a promotion
  • or simply to access relevant and interesting information while they are absorbed in the buying process

Getting promotions on their phone as they approach the shop in question is a powerful way of influencing where they shop.


Big stores - layout
When customers log in to your Wi-Fi through their social media accounts, you can tap into valuable information and provide an enriched view of your customer profile – their demographics and behaviour such as how, when and why they move around a physical space.

Our solution provides heat maps, visual representation of exactly where your users are and the flow of footfall traffic in or around your business. This deep customer understanding allows you to make evidence based decision making around a number of key business challenges, like space planning, customer relationship management and engagement.

What can we do to help you?
We bring solutions to businesses where family friendly access and legal compliance are high on their list of priorities.
Our social login feature connects your business directly with your audience, so you grow organic brand loyalty through social media platforms, likes and follows while your services remain at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

Collecting demographic, social and frequency data from customers who log on to a guest / public WiFi allows small businesses to provide an even more personalised service, which plays a huge role in keeping the customer happy and tailoring them to their individual needs increases spend stimulation.

Contact us and we can show you how we can help you to turn your “free” Wi-Fi cost centre into a positive revenue stream AND make your customers happy at the same time very cost effectively.

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“Link Solutions have been providing several of my Hotels and Care Homes with IT and phone services for several years to an excellent standard and they always go above and beyond to make sure my business’s run smoothly. I would have no hesitation in recommending them”

Michael Christophi
Hatfield Hotel

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