Microsoft Disaster

On the morning of Friday the 6th of April, several clients called us complaining that they had no access to their office 365 meaning they could not work or access vital documents.

Our engineer was proactive in finding out the cause of this issue and by doing some research was able to find out that it wasn’t just our clients, there were in fact thousands of people from around the world reporting the same issue.

It was caused by what’s called a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) in simple terms this is where an attack is made from multiple infected systems or servers target a single system causing “Denial of service”

Unfortunately, the fault was way out of our hands & laid directly with Microsoft, who kept the world up to date on their twitter and other platforms.

Our support team were able to assist our clients that had been affected and kept them in the loop through out the day until normal services resumed.

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