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Office 365 is the best way to get always-up-to-date versions of your Office applications.  It comes in many variations and we supply and support them all, including discounted versions for schools and charities.

Office365 is provided as a subscription, rather than at an upfront cost, which means that even the smallest of businesses can enjoy enterprise-level features, without the associated on-site costs or administration overhead.

Cost and savings
There are multiple business benefits with this model, not least of which is the potential cost saving.

  • an Office 365 subscription starts at £4.00 (up to £15.75 if you want the full Office Professional Plus suite) per user, per month, which represents a significantly lower outlay than buying licenses for all the functionality it provides
  • by having this software hosted in the cloud, businesses can eliminate the need to house expensive servers, and the staff required to maintain them

Importantly, the monthly cost of Office 365 includes all updates, including security patches, ensuring that all users are on the most up-to-date version of the various components at all times.

The Microsoft Office applications are updated monthly with exclusive features and security improvements ensuring that you always have the latest version on your favourite device so you can get more done wherever you are, whenever you need to, on virtually any device you use.

On some variations you can edit and share files in any browser with Office Online and you can view and edit files on Windows Phones, iPhone® and Android phones with Office Mobile.

Collaborate and share

Office365 lets you can create, edit and share from your PC or Mac, iOS or Android device with anyone in real time.

One of our clients was using an Excel spreadsheet to track stock movements. Up to four members of staff contributed to it regularly during the day at the relevant movement stages and each them often found themselves opening a "Read Only" version of the document because one of the others was using it or had forgotten to close it.

Productivity was lost, frustration was high and the air was often a subtle shade of blue.

It took us about ten minutes to make the necessary changes so that they could all share the same document, have it permanently open and contribute to it at any time with no loss of data and no "Read Only" errors.
And at no cost because it's all part of Office365.

A small thing for us that made a huge difference to their productivity and office morale.


Our most popular versions of Office365

Most of our clients mix and match various versions of Office365 so that each member of their staff has exactly what they need to be productive, and their choices are mostly made from the three following versions of Office365;

  • Office365 Essentials
  • Office365 Business
  • Office365 Business Premium

Note that all three versions include on-line versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

You can download our

  • Office365 Version Comparison
  • Office365 Overview

from our download area, here

Contact us today to find out which version(s) you need and monthly licence cost.


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