Privacy Policy

Use of Information:

  • This explains how we collect, use and protect your personal information. This policy may be updated from time to time. Link Solutions may collect information from you when you:
  • Apply for a User Log in and Password.
  • Log in with a User ID and Password.
  • Provide us with contact and other relevant information in the course of doing or contemplating business with us, including but not limited to engaging with our marketing material and/or campaigns.

Link Solutions uses this information to:

  • Provide our services and products to you.
  • Invoice you for using our services and products.
  • Assist us in responding to any queries you may have about our services and products.
  • Understand how you use our site, services and products so that we can develop and improve them.

Storage of information

Link Solutions will store any information for:

  • As long as we are legally required to; or as long as we need it, if we are not legally required to keep it. Link Solutions cannot accept responsibility in relation to information that has not been securely stored and transmitted to us.

Sharing of information

Unless legally required to do so, or as part of the provision of a product or a service, we will only share your information with companies within the Link Solutions group and the following:

  • Other companies involved in delivering the services and products to you;
  • Credit scoring agencies;
  • In the event of default, debt recovery specialists, including but not limited to lawyers and debt collection agencies.

Cookie Policy

To read more about our cookie policy please click here.


We were using an NEC phone system using ISDN and moved to hosted VoIP through Link Solutions. We have cut our monthly bill by half and extrememly happy with the service.

James McNicol
Crown Supplies Limited

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