pstn analogue lines

PSTN Analogue phone lines

A PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the basic telephone line, like your phone line at home, comprising of 2 pairs of copper wire. A PSTN phone number is equivalent to one phone line.

Each of the pair can support one service but you can’t have more than one of each service on the same PSTN line.

The various services include;

  • Voice
  • Broadband
  • Fax
  • PDQ
  • Alarm
  • RedCare is an exception as it uses the 1st pair to call and the 2nd pair to activate the alarm


ADSL & FTTC broadband both require a PSTN line to work, as do some older analogue devices such as Fax Machines and some PDQs, so they are still required.  However, that is changing in 2025 when BT will be ceasing all PSTN and ISDN services and will be moving over to VoIP and FTTP.

We can takeover services for clients to reduce their cost or provide enhanced services, such as VoIP, and if you fill in the form on our home page or contact our Sales Support team we'd be happy to offer a quote.

When providing a new phone system or a Hosted Solution we take over their analogue services (PSTN lines) for compatibility purposes, making sure we don't lose the client's number in the process.

Basic or Premium

All the telephone lines that we provide are supplied by OpenReach and for business are available as Basic or Premium.

  • Basic lines are standard, are the cheapest and the most common.
  • Premium lines have an enhanced level of support from OpenReach

Our line charges are amongst the most competitive in the country an we operate a Price Match Plus scheme, which means that we will price match a competitive quote (which we must be given a copy of) and reduce it by up to 10%.

Premium Line benefits

There are several benefits to having a Premium line which include;

Enhanced Service
A Service Maintenance Level designed with business customers in mind, offering on the day prioritised repair, by end of Next Working Day.

Complete peace of mind
Access to the Premium Business Helpdesk means when things you deem critical for your business go wrong, we will have access to a dedicated team of on-shore, WLR3 PSTN Premium service experts, who will case manage your concern through to resolution, helping us to provide a better end customer service delivery experience.

Fast, prioritised repair or money back
OpenReach are committed to repairing Premium lines within two days.

Never miss a call
Stay connected with Smart Divert, capability enabling diversion to any UK landline or mobile or 0800 number, plus some overseas numbers too. Divert to number can also be changed remotely.


“Link Solutions have been providing several of my Hotels and Care Homes with IT and phone services for several years to an excellent standard and they always go above and beyond to make sure my business’s run smoothly. I would have no hesitation in recommending them”

Michael Christophi
Hatfield Hotel

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