Why provide free public Wi-Fi?

For many of us, taking out our smartphone or tablet to sniff out local Wi-Fi has become a reflex when passing through cafes, restaurants, shops and shopping centres, hotels, railway & bus stations... almost everywhere.

According to research;

  • 72% of participants confirmed that they now use public Wi-Fi

and of those,

  • 78% said they specifically look for free Wi-Fi connections when out in public places and have apps for the purpose!

As a result, we can safely say that Wi-Fi not only attracts consumers to a venue or retail location, but 77% are more likely to go to a location if it offers free Wi-Fi.

That's a substantial number of people that are actively seeking out Wi-Fi and favouring locations that provide it and every single one could be a new potential customer for you… if you want them to be!   But we are clever people, we know what we want and we know they have a choice.   Customers want Wi-Fi - clearly - and the quicker you can offer it in a safe and legal manner, the quicker you can increase your bottom line.

Free Wi-Fi in coffee shops and cafés seems almost mandatory these days because the large chains all have free Wi-Fi so smaller independents must have it too and it is that principle that is now starting to apply right across the public market place. So one of the key things you can do to drive people into your business - not to mention give them something special once they are there - is to offer FREE Wi-Fi. By providing them with what they want you will increase your turnover and increase your customer’s satisfaction.

It's a no-brainer:  offering free Wi-Fi helps gain customer loyalty and increase sales

1. You'll enhance your marketing
Our Wi-Fi solutions can allow you to promote your business before customers even sign in.

You can create a custom splash or landing page to attract customers and share real-time offers by delivering information and purchasing opportunities in a fast, convenient way to smartphones, tablets or computers of consumers that are in, or close to, your retail presence.
You can even brand your network with a custom Wi-Fi network name — like "Annie's Shoes Free Wi-Fi."

Customers can do the marketing for you through social media. By letting customers "check in" at your restaurant or share a photo of their favorite dish with their friends, they're spreading the word without any effort on your part.

2. Customers will spend more time at your business
Wi-Fi access helps customers stay productive and connected while they're in your store or at your place of business, so they'll want to stay longer. In fact, as many as 62% of businesses report that customers spend more time in their facility when Wi-Fi is offered.

And when they're there longer, they're more likely encourage their friends and family to spend more time at your business, too.

3. And they'll spend more money
You might worry about customers who use the Wi-Fi without spending a dime, but chances are good they'll end up actually spending more.

Half of small businesses surveyed said that customers spent more money when free Wi-Fi became available.

For retailers, customers can use the Wi-Fi to browse your products and read reviews in real time.

Public Wi-Fi

3. You'll gain a competitive edge
Nobody likes slow Wi-Fi and none of us rush back to have another bad experience.  Speed matters.

The reality is, customers have come to expect free Wi-Fi at most places and consciously or not, most of us filter businesses - coffee shops & cafes, bars & restaurants - based on which ones offer free Wi-Fi.
And those that offer fast, free Wi-Fi have a clear advantage over those that don't.

Free Wi-Fi makes your customers' lives easier and improves their perception of your business.

Talk to us about our budget-friendly, fully managed public Wi-Fi solution and watch your business grow.

How can you make free public Wi-Fi profitable?

Are there any legal responsibilities I should know about?


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