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Your staff may be office-based, home-workers, tele-workers, salespeople, delivery and maintenance workers on the road.

Connectivity is crucial as they all work together as they strive to grow your business and compete in an increasingly competitive world.

They all need to make and receive phone calls, use the company chat solution, access company data, collaborate in the cloud using voice and video conferencing.

It’s all part of the big picture that provides complete flexibility and encourages growth.

We are the power behind the solution.

The solution is Unified Communications.


The four most common questions asked by companies when they approach us for a new telecoms solution are:

  • can all of their offices and staff share the same communication solution?
  • can their tele-workers, home-workers, delivery drivers, road warriors, and field engineers all communicate seamlessly from anywhere?
  • can they have call reporting and call recording?
  • are we sure there are no additional call charges?

Our answers to each question is 'yes'.

The solution is Unified Communications.

We supply and support some of the most innovative systems and collaboration tools available today, enabling you to concentrate on growing your business whilst safe in the knowledge that your team can communicate effectively at anytime, from anywhere, anyway they wish.

Cloud based, our Unified Communications solutions are designed to meet your business communications needs today and tomorrow and are at the core of our hosted and phone system based solutions.

Your team can use voice, video, instant messaging, conference calls and visual voicemail all on one simple and easy to use platform.

Your standard Office applications can be integrated into it, including Outlook and Lync, along with built-in voice conferencing, to eliminate the need for expensive external conference services.

They are designed to be intuitive and provide your team with easy to use tools and features that actually increase productivity. We configure it to work the way you want to work. Flexible and scalable, they easily adapt to meet your company’s changing needs and keep every member of your team in touch, no matter where they are.

Reliability is key and they are designed to gain maximum leverage from new and emerging technologies including SIP, optimising call costs using Wi-Fi and mobile communication.

phone systems
Our Unified Communication solution uses hardware and software to deliver this connectivity using a friendly interface that brings together communication and collaboration in a simple and easy way for users. You can read more about our iPECS hosted solution here.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise's iPECS UCS is a server based application which provides single point of communication customised for both the SME and Enterprise environment for all members of staff, regardless of their location or method of communication you can read about the incredible range of enhanced services and download the brochure here.

iPECS eMG80 delivers simple and reliable telephony. With the flexibility to meet the needs of office, home or remote users it’s the perfect stepping stone as you journey to embrace and evolve your communication platform to the latest technology in preparation for the changes coming in 2025, when PSTN analogue & ISDN digital lines are being phased out. With full support for both legacy and SIP it boasts a range of embedded features that empower your business to save money, drive productivity and increase customer satisfaction. You can download the brochure and find out more on our dedicated eMG80 page.

iPECS UCP is the Ericsson-LG unified communications core platform that helps people across your business be more productive and efficient regardless of their location or chosen device. Both of our on-site solutions leverage the cloud to maximise flexibility and productivity and minimise cost.

iPECS UCP provides out of box unified communications and mobility solutions with mobile communications available both in and out of the office as the iPECS UCS mobile client, Mobile Extension, DECT, and Wi-Fi terminals are all optimised.

Mobile phones can be registered to a station allowing the mobile phone to place and receive calls through the system and be part of a Hunt group.

The iPECS UCP can be expanded by a simply adding user licenses, meaning that users can save on initial cost and can invest in additional licenses as their business grows.

feature rich solution:
iPECS UCP provides more than 300 features for call handling including; built-in ACD, Hot desking, Individual call routing, Incoming Caller ID based call routing, Web call back and more. You can read more and download the brochure here.


“Thanks, great service as usual”.

Yvonne Astley
Astley & Co

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