Hosted Solution

our fastest growing business solution has no geographical boundaries. Even if your staff are spread all over the world they can all be part of the same communications solution as if they were all sitting in the same room, and benefit from features usually only associated with expensive in-house phone systems, including;

  • Time of Day
  • IVR | Unattended Assistant
  • Hint / Paging Groups
  • Voicemail with Email
  • global / system directory and personal directory
  • multiple numbers
  • call recording

our hosted Cloud-based solution is able to leverage almost unlimited resources and provide connectivity wherever it’s needed anytime, anywhere. And it just works with no phone system to maintain and attractive call inclusive packages available to UK landlines and UK mobiles. There should be no surprise bills. 

reliable; it’s hard to work with a phone system that drops calls or sounds like you’re speaking underwater. Our phone systems are pretty much bulletproof; our state-of-the-art systems provide high reliability and exceptional quality.

simple to use, easy to manage; there are no boxes to install, minimal network requirements (which we take care of) and user-friendly software. It comes with maintenance included so we take care of any issues that may arise. 

work from anywhere, anytime; take your phone system with you wherever you go with our mobile application. Be part of it wherever you are with a desktop handset in your home study… enjoy the freedom that our non-geographical border solution provides without sacrificing your in-office functionality. 

integrate; for many of our clients a phone call is just the beginning. They use the chat functionality, team collaboration software and integrate with mission-critical business applications, like CRM tools and databases.

it grows with you; today’s business conditions are fluid. The workplace is dynamic and driven by the need for greater flexibility and mobility as conditions evolve and staff numbers change. We get that. Our hosted solution is completely scalable and grows with you to meet your changing communication demands. Our fastest growing business solution, it has no geographical boundaries so even if your staff are spread all over the world they can all be part of the same communications solution; as if they were all sitting in the same room.

usually there is nothing to pay upfront. Handsets and equipment are included in the monthly rental and there are no surprise bills for call charges. Why not get us round for coffee and discover all the benefits you’ve been missing out on? Then see how much your company could save by having them and embracing the future with our Hosted Solution.

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We were using an NEC phone system using ISDN and moved to hosted VoIP through Link Solutions. We have cut our monthly bill by half and extremely happy with the service.

James McNicol
Crown Supplies Limited

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