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the iPECS eMG80 from Ericsson-LG delivers simple and reliable telephony with the flexibility to meet the needs of office, home or road users making it the ideal companywide communication solution for SMEs with 2-50 staff

as a hybrid, it’s the perfect stepping stone on your journey to embrace the latest technology and evolve your communication platform to prepare for the changes coming in 2025, when PSTN analogue & ISDN digital lines are being phased out

one of the eMG80’s most compelling advantages is that as well as offering full support for older legacy technology, unified communications features are also embedded into it

this means that clients can

  • improve business efficiency
  • increase productivity
  • empower their business to save money
  • increase customer satisfaction

by using embedded UC features straight out of the box, including

  • voicemail / voicemail to email
  • time of day
  • auto-attendant
  • global and personal directories
  • smartphone integration
  • on-demand call recording

and don’t forget real-time voice, video and presence enabled IM with messaging services (Visual Voice Mail and SMS etc.) under a single user interface on multiple devices…

and these via licence

  • Communicator smartphone app
    extending the power of the your iPECS telephone system to your mobile.
  • Phontage
    PC based softphone just your phone on your desktop helping you easily access your phone system from anywhere.
  • and much more

what is UC? we explain it here

and eMG80’s advanced VoIP technology supports low cost SIP trunking providing crystal clear sound quality, on and off-premise mobility, remote connectivity and multi-site networking with minimal cost to overcome geographical boundaries

this also makes it an ideal solution for vertical markets such as

  • education
  • healthcare
  • legal
  • logistics
  • hospitality

multiple mobility solutions are embedded into the eMG80 which also improve business productivity and decrease communication expenses, including

  • iPECS DECT and Wi-Fi phones provide feature rich and reliable communications for internal mobile workers
  • iPECS UCS mobile client delivers the power of a desk phones to smartphones or tablet PCs for external mobile workers

the eMG80 can support up to 100 users as well as linking multiple business sites and/or multiple remote workers which makes it a good choice for flexible and cost-effective multi-site deployment on a local/branch system basis,

it also provides secure and seamless communication features and a good example of that is if a connection between the head office system and the branch system fails, the branch system will work as the call server responsible for the branch devices, ensuring that calls are not lost at either location

it’s modular design;

  • allows us to tailor each solution to our client’s specific needs
    thereby saving our client’s money by not having to supply a “one size fits all” system
  • means it’s scalable
    it can grow as our client grows
  • means it’s flexible
    it can be adapted to meet our client’s changing / evolving needs
  • offers cost effective expansion
    because our clients don’t need to change all their hardware resources to expand their system, just add the bits they need

and with a low TCO, a high ROI and simple on-screen analysis of all your communications activity and costs, the eMG80 will also make your accountant smile, not always an easy thing to do…

why not invite us round for coffee and see the differences that the eMG0 could make to your business processes… it there’s a good chance we can reduce your costs at the same time

you can download the brochure here and the datasheet here


We were using an NEC phone system using ISDN and moved to hosted VoIP through Link Solutions. We have cut our monthly bill by half and extrememly happy with the service.

James McNicol
Crown Supplies Limited

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