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Today, the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with others is greater than ever before.

With people connecting in a networked world in so many different ways using social media, workplace and personal networks, voice messaging, voice and video conferencing. Personal devices such as mobile phones and tablets are connected as well as business computers and laptops on the same business network.

The media connected to networks becomes more varied everyday; our Unified Communication solution uses hardware and software to deliver this connectivity using a friendly interface that brings together communication and collaboration in a simple, easy way for users.


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Optimize Your Business Communications, iPECS UCS

Ericsson-LG Enterprise's iPECS UCS is a unified communications server based application which provides single point of communication for all members of staff, regardless of their location or method of communication.

It enables users to boost their productivity from anywhere with any devices. Fragmented / flexible work environments have posed significant challenges for employees making it harder to stay connected. Effective and efficient communications are critical for all businesses to better serve their customers, stay competitive in the market and to grow. iPECS UCS streamlines communications and enhances productivity with unifying presence, instant messaging, voice, video, audio/video conference, sharing features and so on.

All collaboration tools are provided to ensure secure delivery of messages to a variety of devices including desktop, tablet and smart phone. Users can communicate and collaborate more effectively as long as they stay connected on the Internet, creating an flexible working environment.


We were using an NEC phone system using ISDN and moved to hosted VoIP through Link Solutions. We have cut our monthly bill by half and extremely happy with the service.

James McNicol
Crown Supplies Limited

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