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Communications solutions are vital to the functionality of any business. Amongst several other necessities, the telephony solution stands head and shoulders above the rest as one of the most important.

If you are still using a legacy phone system perhaps it's time to consider switching to a Cloud based solution because in 2025 BT are turning off the legacy services including analogue PSTN and digital ISDN services anyway.

A Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP phone system uses your Internet connection instead of a landline connection, to transfer your voice to the recipient. Essentially, your voice is turned into data and transmitted along your Internet connection. This removes the need to pay for expensive long distance phone bills that might be holding your company back.

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Before even considering VoIP, however, you need to consider whether your current infrastructure can handle the demands of this new type of communication. VoIP runs over your Internet connection, so it’s important to consider whether or not your connection can sustain heavy use. If not, you might experience connectivity issues and poor call quality.

For this reason we will usually only provide a VoIP solution on the back of a Fibre-To-The-Cabinet FTTC service or better.

However, if your business is keen on improving operations, one of the best things you can do is switch to a VoIP solution and we offer a few different solutions but the first decision to make when choosing your next phone system is whether or not you want hosted or in-house VoIP.

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The Difference Between Hosted and In-House VoIP
Essentially, with a hosted VoIP solution the server is hosted off-site and in the cloud. We take the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining it and ensuring the upkeep of the system which lets you and your company go about business as usual with one less expense to worry about. It’s simple and easy to implement and we do it everyday for hundreds of clients across Norwich and Norfolk.

However, due to this shift in responsibility, you might run into complications if you’re one of the more hands-on business owners. Outsourcing any aspect of your IT infrastructure to any third party requires a certain level of trust, so if you want to reap the benefits of outsourcing your VoIP to us, you need to comfortable that you’re willing to relinquish this control.

Compared to an in-house VoIP solution, hosted VoIP offers plenty of benefits. These range from a hugely increased feature set that provides an enormous range of potential benefits for your business communications to potentially big savings in call costs.

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Reliability is key. If the server where your VoIP is hosted goes down or your broadband solution fails, you could lose your phones. We always implement a safety net which monitors your service and jumps in to take control of your incoming numbers in the event that something bad happens to make sure you don't miss any incoming calls.

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We also have a ten year legacy of excellence in the managed services department, years of experience of dealing with this technology and proven expertise in the industry. So with our support team on your side, you can be confident of making the right decisions moving forward.

Our VoIP solution is flexible enough to be hosted both in-house or remotely which makes it a versatile solution that’s sure to meet the standards and requirements of your business structure.

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