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Although SIP and VoIP both support IP telephony, they are not the same thing and many providers add to the end user's confusion by not making the difference clear.

So we thought we'd try and make things a little clearer.

What is VoIP?
The term VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is limited to voice transmissions.  It is a broad term that covers any phone calls made over the Internet, as opposed to traditional telephone lines and it has changed the way the world communicates today.

The primary benefit of converting to VoIP is the huge cost savings. For businesses, VoIP offers a great means to cut down the cost of communication and it also includes more features and allows more interaction with customers, which not only increases productivity and flexibility but also offers a better quality of communication too.

It has been called the “most successful technology” to emerge in the last decade but there are some drawbacks too.

It encompasses a group of protocol technologies, of which SIP technology is just one and for many, the confusion lies with the fact that other terms that are used interchangeably with VoIP.  They all describe the fact that the Internet is used to digitally transmit the voice signal to another telephone or endpoint and they include;

  • IP telephony
  • Internet telephony
  • voice over broadband
  • broadband telephony
  • IP communications
  • and broadband phone service

What is SIP?
The term SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and can offer a quick turn-around, scalability, cost savings and various business disaster recovery options.


SIP is a communications protocol that can be used to transmit information between two or more endpoints.

It is widely used for managing multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls as well as video conferencing, instant messaging, media distribution and other applications.

SIP, therefore is one of the specific protocols that enable VoIP. It defines the messages that are sent between endpoints and it governs establishment, termination and other essential elements of a call.

In short, if you want an all-inclusive solution to your business communication needs, SIP trunking it is your best bet. Which is why we use SIP for all of our Cloud based telecom solutions, including Hosting, because we can customise it to each of our client's needs to make their communications solutions as flexible, efficient and cost effective as possible.

We hope this makes things a little clearer for you

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