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today’s wireless networks have eclipsed the unreliable and insecure offerings with huge improvements in Wi-Fi technology. Today, wireless connections pack the dependability, security, and speed it takes for your employees to meet all the expectations you’ve set for them. The future of Wi-Fi brings improvements to throughput, increased network efficiencies, and better support in dense environments, to name a few.

Desktop PCs are entirely compatible with modern wireless networks so making the switch to mobility represents a considerable opportunity to advance workforce productivity and reap healthy dividends down the road.

As costs diminish for wireless infrastructure, you’ll be able to refresh your network system more frequently at a smaller expense. Consequently, you’re saving money as you stay in step with advancing technology. And for all the existing features you can find in a wireless network, new capabilities are always around the corner.

  • almost eliminates expensive structured cabling
  • offers almost complete flexibility in terms of user and equipment placement

Our wi-fi is fast, reliable, robust and scalable. And we do all the heavy lifting.

Implementing a Link Solutions wi-fi service is simple...

Cost Savings
Results from industry research bring the cost savings from a wireless network into sharper focus. Today, we see existing wireless workplaces are experiencing measurable improvements over the cost of wired networks.

  • Utilising wireless access points to cover the office can save you up to a third of the expense of connecting physical cables to each workstation during installation.
  • All-wireless networks require less labour, reducing per-user IT staff costs by nearly a third over the life of an office.
  • With all factors considered, total cost savings for installing and supporting a wireless network in an office can approach 80% when compared to the cost of installing and supporting a physical wired network, when amortized across an entire office.

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